Corrupt OS (Ubuntu 18.04) -> Trellis + Bedrock + Sage -> Project recovery

It finally happened, Ubuntu went corrupt after laptop lid close. Now the question stands - how to quickly and successfully recover a trellis project and dev environment?

About my situation. Luckily the project is under git (trellis + site). I also managed to recover the .vault_pass files. I’m worried about the .ssh stuff and development DB (related to Vagrant) - not sure what is the proper way to even try recover if it’s possible at all.

I mean can I reinstall the OS, trellis requirements and basically paste some vagrant files, recover my last ssh configuration and continue from the recovered VM (inc. DB)?

Any suggestions? Hopefully it’s not a duplicate post.

Ubuntu in the VM or is Ubuntu your home machine’s OS? If it’s just the VM that went corrupt then does your home machine still work? Have you tried running vagrant provision to re build it?

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