Couple issues with Sage 10

Hi all. Building my first site on Sage 10 and already encountered a couple issues:

  1. acf-json is not working. I’ve put the folder in the usual /resources/ location but it’s not populating with the ACF JSON files.

  2. Models isn’t working. I’ve put the json files into /app/models as the documentation describes but it’s not registering any post types.

These issues seem related, so hopefully there’s an easy answer. Has the theme root changes in Sage 10?

The theme root is no longer in resources – perhaps moving acf-json up a directory would work?

Not 100% sure about Models but I created Poet which is similar for Sage 10.

Thanks! The documentation for Sage 10 is still sparse so little changes like that are throwing me off a bit.

I’ll check out Poet!

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