Creating a Home page template and being able to select it at the "Template box" in the Page Editor

Hi, I’m new with Roots and I was about to go crazy (2 hours reading) trying to create a Home page template so I’m posting this in order to help others newbies like me (I don’t have a coder background, just the basic wordpress knowledge, perhaps that is why I got confused) to create new templates.

The steps are:

1.- Duplicate the “template-custom.php” file in the Roots folder and name it template-home.php


2.- Inside the file, look for this lines:

<?php/* Template Name: Custom Template */?>

3.- Change it for:

<?php/* Template Name: Home Template */?>

4.- Go to the editor of the page and select it from the right box

5.- That’s it.

After this you’d probably figure it out how to make the rest (customise it and so on).

Hope it helps.

WordPress covers these basics pretty well in the codex, but welcome to Roots and feel free to post anything Roots specific here in the forum.