Creating new theme using exisitng website + sage

Hi Guys,

First of all - apologize if this is a rather Bedrock-related question. Here is the thing. I’m a new user of both Sage and Bedrock. In the past I’ve developed many wordpress themes and plugins but usually the oldschool way (based on Underscores / other starter themes / creating from the scratch + without any sophisticated versioning/git etc.). But as many - I wanted to level up in this area.

So what I currently have:

  • a website on production server which requires new theme (with all themes/plugins/general configuration done, seo-stuff etc)
  • pure html/css/js of the new theme

What I would like to achieve is to:

  • get everything from current production wordpress instance and clone it to local/Bedrock
  • keep all the necessary settings on local as well
  • turn html stuff into Sage app/theme

I’ve went through the official documentation yet I didn’t find anything appropriate. So I assume there are two main steps: importing the production into local and then the theme development. But still I have no clue what’s the best way of not loosing the production settings and placing it into Bedrock.

Thanks for any tips!

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