CSS Framework isn't bundled when imported from main.scss

@import “~jeet/scss/index”;

Jeet framework is not bundled into main.css, like Hamburgers are (followed Roots example).
Anyone got a clue on why this package isn’t bundled like others packages?

Console tells me nothing, so I have no clue or anything productive to build on. It’s as if nothing happens or is imported.


Hey @raffen - looking at the Jeet docs and source, it doesn’t look like just importing it would actually include anything in your main.css file. It just loads Jeet’s settings, functions, and mixins, so that they are available for you to use. Then when you write SCSS using Jeet’s API, that’s when you should see corresponding output in main.css.

When you try to use Jeet in your SCSS, does it work?

– Matt


Thanks a lot, @mmirus. That worked :slight_smile: ! Now I’m going to deep dive further into S9.

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