Current stable version documentation

Hi, hope you can guideme with some basic doubts related with documentation.

I just clone the branch master, I understand that this is the stable version and current documentation is up to date (Sage 9.x: Compiling Assets | Roots Documentation)

Github readme of this branch talk about webpack for compilling assets, but in current documentation instructions are for gulp, I don’t know if Im missing something super basic, but I just want to replace css framework from bootstrap to

I just add bulma vía yarn and call it from main.scss but it’s not working like that.
Iv’e tried to manually replace bootstrap files on style’s folder, and calling it relatively but it’s isn’t woking.

Please note the very top of the README:

Sage 9 is in active development and is currently in beta. The master branch tracks Sage 9 development. If you want a stable version, use the latest Sage 8 release.

Then further down in the documentation section you can find links to both Sage 8 and Sage 9 docs.

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Thank you @ben benword, I’m sorry I read that part but couln’t checkout branch sage-8.
I managed to clone the specific branch needed.