Custom Theme Design

I have needed a new design for my blog for ages. I have always been a bit zealous when it came to clean mark up and standards compliance, and I always composed my blog entries with straight up HTML, embedding all my images via tags I write, etc. Needless to say, this became quite a chore and basically kept me from updating my blog in any capacity.

Now that Google drops your PageRank for non-mobile friendly pages, it’s become a serious issue.

I’m now trying to brand my identity online through YouTube, Twitter,, Google+, Steam, and my blog. I would like to know first of all if there are any designers here who could be hired to make a really slick WordPress theme using Roots, and second of all, what kind of cost that would be. It’s just a silly blog so it’s not worth a whole lot to anyone but me, and I’m not really made of money, I just would like to know if anyone here would be willing to do this and what the ballpark cost would be.

You can see people looking for work on this thread: