Customizing navbar CSS

Do most people copy the bootstrap navbar.less into app.less then edit what’s needed and remove the rest?

Any advice on streamlining workflow is appreciated.

Disclaimer - im new to roots and fairly new to developing themes in WP although I have made plenty of other websites from scratch.

I usually customise the settings from variables.less and then remove any unneeded CSS (like nav-inverse, or the fixed navbar) from navbar.less. I don’t see any advantage of copying it into app.less.

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thanks so much. that’s obviously the way to do it. I didn’t realize there was a variables file to configure.

app.less is intended for any extra css that isnt already specified from bootstrap?

Essentially app.less contains everything, including Bootstrap, which is imported at the top for lower priority. I tend to have several imports in each app.less that include the CSS/LESS for any non-site specific components. Whereas all the site-specific CSS/LESS is written directly in app.less itself.

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