Debugging issues specific to remote? (staging)

I am wrapping up a website built on a Trellis, Bedrock and Sage 8 stack. I’m also using Woocommerce. For some reason I can’t write description/post content. I can type in the box but it just disappears when I click update. It works fine on local dev setups. Some other fields like an ACF fields and the product pricing work fine. I have also noticed other weird behaviors.

Only thing Trellis/Bedrock change on remote server is disabling file modifications. But anything through WP editors should work fine as usual.

I suggest checking Nginx logs to see if there’s any useful info in them.

Or is it possible your TinyMCE text and background color are both set to white?

There are a few Sage9 scenarios that would have your remote using a newer stylesheet than local. Worth a check?

Also look for javascript errors in the console when editing a post.

I haven’t seen anything related in any logs. I do get JS errors but it seems I also have those in dev.

I didn’t even realize they can both be white, I’ll have to double check but I doubt it. Also, there are JS errors but it seems similar to what I have in dev.

What are the errors? Any js error could prevent your site from functioning correctly. The goal should definitely be to have no js errors at all.

Note: I found out the issue is due to a custom plugin. Thanks for your help.

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