Deploy Error on DigitalOcean AnsibleUnsafeText

I have an issue when trying to deploy to Digital Ocean, provision worked extremely fine but when I try to deploy using: ./bin/ production I receive the following error:

The task includes an option with an undefined variable. The error was:
'ansible.utils.unsafe_proxy.AnsibleUnsafeText object' has no attribute 'name'

The error appears to have been in '/Users/Filippo/Desktop/Apps-
sudo/': line 8,
column 3, but may
be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.

The offending line appears to be:

- name: Add known_hosts
  ^ here

fatal: []: FAILED! => {}

I am running Ubuntu 18.04 on the production server. Is it a known issue, what am I missing?

Edit: If you need further infos or explaination, please ask.

Thank you.

Have you double-checked that your YAML formatting is correct? 90% of my issues like this have been because a line in a YAML file wasn’t formatted correctly.

Thanks, I will triple check it, have you any advice on how to check if the yaml is formatting correctly?

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