Deploy problems

I’m really enjoying learning more about all things ‘roots’ and although the learning curve is pretty steep for me, and I’ I’ve hit bumps at almost every step of the way, it’s very rewarding to keep progressing and learning valuable new skills.

I’ve just managed to successfully (without errors) provision and deploy but now I’m seeing wp/wp-admin/install.php when I visit my domain.

I’ve followed instructions and everything seemed to be fine, although obviously I’ve messed up at some point.

In my repo the path to my theme is /web/app/themes/<theme_folder> but this final folder is greyed out, so I’m assuming this is where my problem lies.

I’m totally unsure of how I need to go about fixing this.

  1. How come my “First commit” didn’t push everything up to my git repo?
  2. What’s the easiest solution in terms of getting my server set up correctly? Do I need to destroy my droplet and start over or is it possible to just deploy again (after I get my repo sorted out).

Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.

From our docs:

Trellis does not automatically install WordPress on remote servers. It’s normal and expected to see the WordPress install screen the first time you deploy. It’s up to you to either import an existing database or install a fresh site.

Regarding Git: you probably need to delete the .git folder in the theme directory. Git won’t add a nested Git repo.


Thanks Scott. Much appreciated.