Deploy with grunt and dploy module

I installed:

for deploy with grunt and ftp an website.
I start grunt “grunt watch”

Running "watch" task
Verifying property watch.dploy.files exists in config...ERROR
>> Unable to process task.
Warning: Required config property "watch.dploy.files" missing.

my Gruntfile:

  dploy: {                                    // Task                                                     
    stage: {                                // Target                                                     
        host: "",            // Your FTP host                                           
        user: "lllllll",                        // Your FTP user                                         
        pass: "*******",             // Your FTP secret-password                                          
        remote: "/"          // Where the files from the local file wil

I regiser the task at the end ?

 grunt.registerTask('server', 'dploy');

This isn’t Roots related, but feel free to follow the example in the documentation:

Thanks, actually, I used without --save-option.
Works well with, that just an amazing, tools :smile: