Deploying roots/sage with Trellis

I have setup roots/sage locally with bedrock and trellis.

Locally it is all working fine.

However i am quite uncertain about deploying to a server. I feel i’m editing files that are probably auto generated somewhere. I’ve tried various .yml files or .env.* files.

Firstly am i right in thinking

`yarn build:production`

will do this once setup?

Will this only send production files or will it send local database to a target database?

Example Domain

If my production server details are —

serveruser (root if needed?)
serverPass (perhaps not needed for ssh as have added my local key)
serverPort (we don't use standard ports)
targetDomain (using plesk so /var/www/vhost/

Domains are attributed to users


If part of the deploy system —


What file(s) do i add these too? Full paths much appreciated!

And what role does a git repo play in this if anything? I can see it is requested in production/wordpress_sites.yml files but not sure what for.

Massive thanks in advance. It will be great to get through this final hurdle. A bit overwhelmed by the config files and where they are.

To build and deploy Sage (or a similar theme) with Trellis, you use the build-before hook:

You can see this in use at

Trellis deploys don’t touch/sync databases.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the rest of your post. You already have a Plesk server setup and you’re trying to use Trellis to deploy to it? Ideally Trellis is what is what runs your production server, too. You can reference and other posts on this forum for info on how you might be able to deploy to a non-Trellis server as long as the dependencies are met on it (Composer, WP-CLI, Git)

What do you mean by this? Have you read through the docs?

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Thanks Ben - so yes it wasn’t clear to me that Trellis has to be on (or be) the server. I thought everything was about local development and then deployment of compiled production files.

I thought that once the connection to production was setup composer etc would be ran there installing what was needed.

If i’m not going to deploy to a Trellis server should i not use this setup in the first place?

I’ve looked through the docs and forum and can’t see anything solid for deploying to Plesk hence asking here. NPM, grunt & gulp methods were pretty easy to pickup and adapt. There seems to be a lot more going on here!

This post one seems to be the most likely but not knowing where exactly to run composer require florianmoser/plesk-deployer from makes debugging pretty tricky.
The poster Flumo isn’t active anymore. The repo hasn’t been touch in 2 years…

Regarding the repo info requested it was in production/wordpress_sites.yml. So i thought maybe that was a deployment method. Is this required in any of the */wordpress_sites.yml ?

Hi Daniel. I added a response to your question in the other thread.

The repo was touched last year only, because there weren’t any issues and I see no need for improvement. But I still successfully use these recipes for all my deployments to Plesk environments.

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