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Deploying WordPress with Capistrano screencast


Is everything working now?


Yes, finally! Just when I was at the very brink, my laptop decided to co-operate! I have even moved to mariadb for testing and because this little laptop can’t handle running a vbox alongside phpstorm (I have already reduced its max ram usage to under 300mb) I am using brewstack. It will have to do for now!
I am managing all my database with SequelPro, goodbye phpmyadmin forever!

I will keep you posted on any issues if I run into them!


Thanks for the awesome screencast! When deploying a site that uses composer to manage wordpress and plugins, would there be any issues adding the vendor dir to the linked dirs?


That’s a common question and the best discussion I’ve had about this is on my npm Capistrano gem (same concept applies):


I am probably out of place stating this here, but i think the screencast needs to be updated as on current Mac’s OSX the new System Integrity Protection prevents you from installing gems called/that are rootless.

You get the error message

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Errno::EPERM)

so to install Bundle one has to:

sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin GEM_NAME_HERE

which then throws up all sorts of issues when trying to run bundle commands such as

Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory

so at this point in time i am stuck about 11 minutes into the screencast!!


I’ll have to go back and watch the screencast again to see how I talk about installing gems, but yeah sudo shouldn’t be used here. The way around it is to just use bundle without it.

See for instructions on using rbenv to install Ruby. It’s more work but guarantees no issues with sudo or permissions.

edit: ignore the rest about Rails. Just the part about rbenv + bundler itself.