Deployment: Ansible Playbook vs

I’m working on getting my Bedrock/Trellis/Sage project deployed.

These two docs have been helpful:
Home · roots/trellis Wiki · GitHub

I’m pretty sure I get the playbook concept– but I haven’t tried it yet. Just a little intimidated.

An alternate option I found was using to deploy from your github. The two things I like about it are how easy it is for anyone to do, and that it ties into Slack for notifications.

It just kind of feels like taking a shortcut– not sure how I feel about it.

Anyone have any opinions one way or another?

You should probably try both and see which you like more. I haven’t used but I believe others have on here, you could do a search.

I’m not sure what you mean by the “playbook concept”, do you mean Ansible Deploys?

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Howdy @masoninthesis - we use Beanstalk at the moment, but since rebranded as deploybot and added the build tools (not yet in Beanstalk), I’m considering using deploybot too, although I haven’t yet.

I have a local WP Dev friend that is using their deployment tools already and loving them, so I plan to give it a shot with a new project and see how it goes.

I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with that approach.

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Yup, that’s what I’m referring to.
Sounds good, thanks!

@sewmyheadon, do you know what the remote path is for a Bedrock project? DeployBot recommends using /var/www/yourproject, but I have a feeling it might be something more like /site/web/app.

Good to know it’s a respectable option. Thanks!
I’ll let you know if I end up loving it.

@masoninthesis: I’m not positive, but the path should depend on the setup of your host to which you are deploying.

The point deploybot is trying to make is you want to deploy to the root of your web directory.

It may be a few days before I get to try it out, but when I do, I’ll report back. If you try it in the meantime, I’d love to hear your experience.

@sewmyheadon, I tried out beanstalk– or at least started to. Does it not integrate directly with Github? How does that work?

I haven’t had any luck with DeployBot yet. Can’t get it to establish a connection. I think it’s something within my authorized_keys or permissions. I’ll post up if I find the solution.

DeployBot looks pretty sweet.

Personally, I use DeployHQ as it ties in directly with CodebaseHQ. I get clients to raise any amends/comments on Codebase as tickets and then when I commit anything into Codebase (which hosts my git repositories too) then I can add a flag in the commit’s comments which will match that commit through to a particular ticket. That way everything is tied together and a client can see when something has been deployed and exactly what that deployment did complete with email alerts if required. I can also really easily see what code I changed in response to a particular ticket if I need to remind myself rather than stepping back through loads of commits to find the right one. DeployHQ directly ties into CodebaseHQ with very little config needed (same company) and deploys any code to staging/production either automatically (which I use for staging) or manually (which I use for production once amends have been approved on the staging server).

This is a fairly new workflow for me and it’s working out great.

Howdy @masoninthesis,

Beanstalk offers hosted Git repos with built-in deployments. It doesn’t directly tie to GitHub (although I think you can do this through third-party services, if needed). We’ve been using it for customer projects for years, since all of our customer repos are private and the deployments are simple to setup and just work.

We’re looking at this closely now and may opt for another strategy in the near future, which could involve DeployBot, BitBucket, and GitHub.

Good luck! WildBit’s support has been great, when we’ve needed them (only a few times), so if you get stuck, you might ping them.


Actually, that is incorrect. DeployBot (as well as it’s formerly named both natively have always integrated with GitHub. That is while you can use their beanstalk repos with Deploy you can also just easily use GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or any git repo. I use GitHub with Deploy and it’s just a click a button. It also can deploy with a click to common locations such as Digital Ocean, AWS, Heroku and of course you can deploy to others via FTP/SSH.

Works amazing, though wish GitHub offered it to keep costs down and be able to manage it all in one location.

@ChrisC - When I said “It doesn’t directly tie to GitHub . . .” I was referring to Beanstalk, not or it’s newer incarnation, DeployBot.

If I understand correctly, @masoninthesis question was whether Beanstalk integrated with GitHub (so you could use Beanstalk to deploy GitHub repos). DeployBot is an easy solution for this, but using Beanstalk for this would be kludgey at best.

Also, Beanstalk doesn’t offer the build tools that DeployBot does.