Deploys on a Slow Connection

I’m currently in a country with slow/unreliable internet connection. I’m thankful for reliable deploys via Trellis (compared to the hell that is FTP uploads over this connection) however there’s one regular point of failure…

lookup_plugin.pipe(curl -4 -s returned 35
fatal: []: FAILED! => {"failed": true}

I’m wondering if this part of the deploy can be set to retry or have a longer timeout or something?

roots/trellis#752 attempts to reduce problems with the IP lookup.

Ultimately, if you routinely have connectivity issues, you might remove the lookup and just list your various public IPs manually (avoids the connection to If you do this, and if roots/trellis#752 is merged, here’s how you will need to disable the lookup:

Users can disable the connection by adding a new variable to group_vars:
ssh_client_ip_lookup: false

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