Dev vs production, 'resources/dist' instead 'dist/'

Latest sage9 (master).

On development the assets load fine -
however on production, ‘resource/dist’ is used instead ‘dist/’:

I also created a new sage project using composer and
overwrote the existing project files and merged back the changes.

I also completely removed and redeployed the site (trellis), but the issue still persists.

How can I further debug this, I tried many things but it still doesn’t work.
I have dev/build path issues a lot with sage 9 and I want to get this finally solved.

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After some debugging I found out that get_theme_file_uri() returns in production’ instead just’.

get_stylesheet_directory_uri() returns in production’ instead just’.

This will of course result in incorrect URLs.

Edit: get_stylesheet() discrepancies:

Edit: Apparently the theme settings were different on production and development, I had to activate the theme under different name on production - now the paths look better.

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I’ve seen this while updating from Sage9 beta 3 to beta 4. WordPress gets confused and thinks the theme is activated from inside /resources. Deactivating and re-activating the theme worked for me.