Disable Blade in favor of Timber?

With beta 3 (I think) I made the switch to Blade and haven’t looked back since. While it’s still true you miss out on a some Timber convenience methods, but soberwp’s Controller makes working with Blade a charm.

Same here, love using the controllers! Superclean separation between data and markup!

Excuse me for noobish questions, but isn’t this very much bleeding-edge coding?

The Sober Controller is essentially 1 guy, it’s less than a year old, and the entire documentation is one readme file. The install base must be tiny. If you are basing a theme around this, is it going to be supported and functional in 3-4 years? Can it be easily passed off to another developer or does it create long-term support headaches for the client?

Like with the Sage Wrapper, I’m seeing a lot of added complexity and marginal benefit so far. But then I’ve only invested a week into trying to understand Sage 9 and maybe that’s not enough time.

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There are over 50,000 live websites that are based on Sage. Some popular sites and brands using Sage include:
Bacardi, D Magazine, HBO (Pied Piper), Hewlett Foundation, Hulu, JetBlue, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and many more.

Sage 9 since beta 4 alone has seen over 10,000 new projects created.

Sage and this community has been around since 2011. :slight_smile:

I was referring to Sober Controller.

Blade on it’s own seems more robust and had a wider install.

Also I should mention that I develop mostly for nonprofits and other low-budget social-good organizations. A typical site for them is developed, deployed, and is then expected to be stable with little to no developer support for years.

I’m feeling a insecure about pushing something like the sober controller into a project like that, and somewhat insecure about the entire Sage 9 model so far. It seems to require overhead, but as I said I am just starting to investigate Sage.

Bumping a 5 month old thread and changing the topic is a bit awkward. I’m going to close this :slight_smile:

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