Disable merging into main.CSS in sage

Hey All,
I’m working on a new template including function and I want to disable the main.CSS merge so I can call individual files based on the includes I’m actually using on the page, similar to how angular2 does.

I can get sage to create my scss folder structure but it doesnt want to split up the main.CSS into single files. Has anyone done this?

Creating multiple stylesheets is covered in the asset-builder docs, the gulp/Bower screencast, and the Sage eBook. It’s also been discussed several times on this forum.

Thanks sorry i didnt see it. I had a look in the asset builder docs but didn’t find it. I think I looking for splitting it up instead of just having sperate css files but I found some info, it would work just like editor-styles hay, I can just updated the manifest.
Thank for the reply.