Disable to install database on server

Hi, i don’t want to install any database on server, because database will be placed on another machine. I want to have just preconfigured vatiables in “env:” in wodpress_sites.yml files. What need i to change in configs for that? Thx


If you set the DB information such as db_host under env Trellis will automatically take care of this for you.

See https://roots.io/trellis/docs/wordpress-sites/ for more info on customizing env.

Note: the database must already exist first (it can be empty). By default it’s named <site name>_<env>` (and underscored).

Example: example_com_production.

We need to add this information to our docs still :frowning:

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So it’s not possible yet to avoid DB insallation, resp. i need to omit this options in config under env?

I see in https://roots.io/trellis/docs/wordpress-sites/ option db_create, when i set it to false, it will not install MariaDB or will install MariaDB and just not create db? My point is to not instal MariaDB at all.

That’s not correct. I just said above that Trellis automatically detects if you have a remote server and takes care of it for you. Meaning it avoids installing MariaDB.

db_create doesn’t apply here. You just need to specify your remote DB credentials under env and make sure a blank database exists already (properly named).