Discourse Bugs

We recently updated Discourse to the master branch and it’s not been without its faults. Open source software (Roots included) only improves through usage and bug reporting by its users; so we’re going to stick at it in the hope it’ll quickly improve for everyone.

The two main issues we have been experiencing are with the login and the code display. If you experience a different issue, please post here and we’ll see what we can do.

Please keep it to bug reports only; we’re already monitoring downtime, and any additional discussion belongs on the Discourse meta forum.


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I don’t know if the displaying code issue is a bug. I have not had issues with code I have posted but have seen some issues with other’s code blocks. I am trying to figure out if those issues were simply due to incorrectly using GitHub markdown code blocks, or if in fact it is a bug with the recent update.

I’ve experienced this first hand when editing the code to the correct markup. Everything is working in the preview but it no longer displays properly after changes are saved and the page is refreshed.

Even if I didn’t get the markup correct, the preview shouldn’t show one thing and the final result be wholly different; definite bug.

Good to know that’s a definite bug. I guess I have just been lucky, or I have only been posting PHP & JS - no HTML code.

least I know I haven’t gone mad.

Can’t login. Need 5-10 refreshes to accept username and password.

This is annoying and I think most of us are running into it. Once @swalkinshaw deploys the latest Discourse updates it’ll be fixed

I seem to be getting an error when trying to make a post. Making me a little crazy. :smile:


Edit: Any help would be appreciated to get my post up. I get an error 500 (got it a bunch of times when making a new post). I have a guide I want to post that I feel could be helpful.

Just a note that the latest version of Discourse was deployed a few days ago which fixed the major bugs.

I could confirm I have the same bug too.