Display HTML page instead of Wordpress in Root

Weird question, but I have a static HTML splash-page I’ve coded for a site about to launch.

I’d like the root of the domain to display that, instead of Wordpress. On a normal site I’d just edit the .htaccess but I’m wondering how to do that in Bedrock/Trellis?

What have you tried?

Placing the index.html file in the site directory.

Also tried running a plugin that will allow me to show HTML in place of any Wordpress page when not admin, but it’s currently giving me errors.

Why not just throw your HTML in your theme’s homepage and be done with it? Might not be served quite as quickly, but would work.

Otherwise you’ll have to dive in to some nginx config.


Didn’t think of putting it in the theme.

Ended up getting this custom plugin working. Added it to the Repo and deploying it now. I had to comment out line 27-28 in the php file though to get it going.

At least this way I can just disable the plugin when ready.