DNS setup for staging environment

I am working with trellis/bedrock/sage9 for a new release of a website that it is live at the moment, and it hosts on rackspace. (fake name just for this example example.co.uk)

I have 2 droplets with digitalocean, one production and one staging.

I would like to point the staging environment to a subdomain of the live website staging.example.co.uk , keeping example.co.uk live (because i am still working on the staging)

what are the steps that I have to follow?

In the DNS settings, I have just to add a new RECORD A: staging.example.co.uk mapped to staging-droplet-IP ? (see image)

is this all that I have to do or there are other steps dns settings (cname) and trellis settings?

I’m not specifically familiar with Rackspace’s DNS editor, but that record looks correct to me. As long as that matches what you’ve set up in Trellis, it should work fine.