Doc ready sage9.0.0-alpha.3

possibly related: [bug] $(document).ready() on development env · Issue #1715 · roots/sage · GitHub

I’ve been using sage 9 alongside smoothstate ajax page load: smoothState.js/ at master · miguel-perez/smoothState.js · GitHub

this requires a mod exec to re-run scripts called on document ready after the ajax call. How to add the ability to re-run $(document).ready() functions · GitHub

After updating to sage9.0.0-alpha.3 this has stopped working (locally -I’ve not been able to test in a different environment, but will do asap) - I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out what has changed that means this has stopped working. Can anyone shed some light?

EDIT: I can confirm that this doesn’t work on the staging environment either.

Sorry - this was my own mistake - not sages:

In order for the routing to recoginze the page load and re-fire the functions as expected the loadEvents function has to be amended to look for an element within the ajax loaded portion of the page. as opposed to the body element, which is not updated on the ajax load. I’d neglected to update this in my updated theme.

I’ll write a blogpost on this so I don’t forget!