Docker / Fig

Sorry if a bit off topic, but I’ve been reading a lot about docker lately, and I’m wondering if it might be something that could be considered for use in bedrock.

I also came across fig, a docker tool that looks really very cool indeed.

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+1 from me. Docker is really awesome addition to already good bedrock.

I agree that Docker looks great and has awesome benefits. I can say that it probably won’t happen for a while just because of time constraints though.


I know you guys are busy.

It’s kinda scary how quickly the landscape shifts in this business!


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+1 for using docker, docker-compose, docker-machine to setup bedrock and/or sage

would really simplify steps involved for dev and production environments

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(probably spend a lot less time working through forum issues :slight_smile:

I highly doubt that :frowning:

Docker with Composer and Machine is in a much better place now though. I still haven’t had a chance to fully try them out but it looks a lot friendlier now.

+1 for me on Docker Bedrock integration! Roots Radio Ep-3 got my interest up… configuration is a bitch! Time is money! Automation and container management (modeled to the 12 factors) to the rescue!

Please add my vote! Thanks!