Does anyone have a fork of Sage that follows WordPress coding guidelines?

Sage is awesome, but it would be even better if it followed WordPress coding standards for PHP and other languages. Does anyone have a fork of Sage that does that? There are ~1,900 forks, so someone must’ve done this already, right?

We already have a very utilitarian coding standard.

If there were some practical, non-subjective reason to use the WordPress coding standard I’m sure we would be using it.

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@Jonathan_Reeve - it’s your lucky day! I don’t personally prefer WP coding standards, but we’ve made decisions to use them in some cases. I try to keep this fork up to date - being a member of the team and all…

Everything follows WP coding standards to the best of my knowledge except for the gulpfile, which is kept using the Sage standards, cause it looks like shit re-written with all that damn space everywhere :wink:

Thanks, @JulienMelissas! This looks great!