Does Bedrock have server-side logging?


Does Bedrock have server-side logging?
To log if someone has edited file or used some commands?

Bedrock itself doesn’t include the actual server or container that runs the WordPress application.

You probably mean auditing. E.g. by using the audit daemon (auditd).
If there had not been auditing enabled, there are still some tricks with which may one can deduce who changed something: linux - Who last modified file? - Server Fault

A deployment pipeline / CI server can also solve this for most use cases:
Only a CI server can deploy new releases to production. Each user can create pull requests. Only dedicated users can then approve and merge those pull requests. Code on main branch will be deployed to production - including an optional deployment pipeline (e.g. deploy to staging first, then to production).

For changes on the WordPress site (config, database, media), there are audit plugins: