Does Trellis help with multisite using same theme?

Hello all,

I will be building and managing anywhere from 6-12 Wordpress sites soon. I was looking for the best way to version control them all and came upon Roots and Trellis and Bedrock.

It sounds like will help me create and manage all these sites that will probably be hosted on the same server.

Each site will probably be using the same theme but may have different plugins installed.

My question is concerning a security update to Wordpress or some sort of core update. Is there a workflow I can have set up where I just update one repository or update something once and all sites will be updated?

So maybe each site would have a repository with only its unique plugins and other customized files in them but they all shared a main core repository that would be kept up to date with Wordpress core and on build I would pull in this repo and then overwrite some files with the individual sites repo? Or will I have to use a managed dashboard service or possibly even spin up each site locally and install the update and test, build on staging and test and then build on prod?

I have not tried Trellis yet and and have not used wordpress for a long time so this may not make any sense. I just want to know if this is possible at all with before I started the project?

Trellis can be set up to install multiple sites on the same or separate servers, but it’s designed to have 1 repo per site.

edit: I should clarify, every site could use the same repo as well, but you’d have to figure out a way to vary themes or plugins on your own.

This is the default workflow. You could make it a bit simpler by having all the sites on a single server though.

What some people do is create scripts to bump the WordPress composer package across multiple projects and then deploy all the sites via Trellis. You might be able to find some more details on that if you search these forums.