Double URL

I have a Sage 6.5 site and we added code to a widget area and it’s coming back with a double URL:

Here’s the code in question:
<a href="“;" data-localmed-toggle="“modal”">Schedule Online</a>

When you click it you get a 404 b/c here’s what’s being processed:


Thank you in advance.

Can you show us the source code for the widget? It may be the variables being used and the function that outputs the link.

You have an extra quote in your href, along with " at the end of the string, probably causing the problems!


More than likely this is the going to be the problem, didn’t even notice that!

Browsers will do their best to render broken HTML so it looks like that’s why you see 2 links

Thank you – it didn’t work. :frowning:

The reason there were doubles is b/c I copied the code from the vendor from gmail, which of course added the quotes and the quot.

That being said, I tried it clean and it’s still not working. It looks like the double quotes are being added somehow…

Code in editor:

Rendered code in dev tools:

Any ideas??

Could it be a magic quotes issue?

It was the double-quotes. I changed the code to have no quotes and it rendered properly – and I didn’t change any PHP settings.

As an aside, does Sage do anything special with magic quotes?
Thanks again!

If you are ever pasting in from a web browser, take extra care to search and replace magic quotes with their straight counterparts. Magic quotes don’t work in code.

yep, in the last “code in editor” screengrab you posted, the opening quotes definitely look like magic quotes :\

glad you figured it out!

Sage doesn’t do anything w/ magic quotes.

Thanks, everyone!
I appreciate all the help!