Dropdown menu disables click on the first link

I read somewhere that the fact of allowing a dropdown menu will disable the main link (on BS). Actually I would like the user to have all the links contained in the dropdown link (and not only on dropdown itself). Let’s say i have the kind of menu

  • Menu 1
  • First
  • Second
  • Third

Allowing WP to make the dropdown disables the link on “Menu 1” which is a little counter-intuitive for me (in order to display the whole content instead of duplicating the links).

Is there a way to change this behaviour ?

Thank you !

Not entirely certain what you’re after. Opening the menu on hover can be done with CSS or jQuery (most of the examples will be for BS2 but the same principles apply). Just make sure you change it for mobile devices.

If you want a click twice option (once to open the dropdown, and again to follow the link) then I think you’re making a mistake. This is a relatively uncommon practice and I don’t think that all your users will follow, unless you try to implement a variant of the split button functionality.