Easy (not better) way to update Trellis

Can I clone Trellis and, simply, copy my old group vars into the new ansible folder? Is it a reasonable way?

I know that is better do it with GIT, but I have not much GIT skills and I afraid to deal with cherry picks an conflicts.

Just learn to rebase…

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Thank you for response. I’ve added “rebase” to my learning list. For now, I tried the update by hand, succesfully. This was my workflow:

  1. Clone trellis and rename it as ansible

  2. Update ansible: sudo pip install ansible== (Warning: without “” doesn’t work because ansible will be installed)

  3. Update all group_vars one by one (there is a lot of new default variables that is no needed now). Be carefull, if db_name doesn’t match with default db_name, it must be specified, in order to not loss data of existing projects at remote server.

  4. Provision development environment: vagrant up —-provision (this generate a new VB machine, it is a bad way)

  5. Update hosts/*

  6. Update deploy-hooks/*

Now I can provision server and deploy old projects without losing data.

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