Easyengine integration

has anyone used bedrock with easy-engine? https://rtcamp.com/easyengine/

Yes. But how would the integration with bedrock / sage work?

We have our own Ansible project for Bedrock (soon to be renamed Trellis). Ansible and other server management tools were created as a more powerful, standardised and re-usable alternative to just using a bunch of bash/python scripts.

Unless you have a specific reason to use EasyEngine, you’re best off using Trellis.

Well unfortunately at the moment I’m finding specific reason: multisite. Trellis just isn’t fit for purpose for me at the moment when it comes to multisite. Having spent a couple of weeks battling with it I’ve now decided that it just makes no sense to persevere when EasyEngine does multisite well out of the box. I would still like to use Bedrock though, it’s such an improvement on the standard WordPress structure, so will be looking at ways to achieve this well.

Please provide more information so that we can update our docs / the project to improve whatever issues you’ve experienced.

Several people on the Roots team work with Trellis on very large multisite setups without issues.

Yeah fair comment, my comment wasn’t exactly useful. Just letting off a bit of steam to be honest as these bumps in the road have left me well behind where I’d hoped to be with the project meaning I’m no considering just wiping and popping up a multisite with ee which will take my minutes.

I think the issues I’ve faced have all already been reported to be honest I just seem to have experienced every one of them :frowning: I’ve not noted them all down but this one I had to work around:

The (hopefully final) issue I have now is that things don’t work on the admin login side of things if multisite is set as enabled. wp-login seems to redirect loop or similar, not allowing me to login, and the password reset link excludes the domain name so just reads wp-login.php?action=lostpassword (…I wonder if this might be something to do with the .env home site variable?)

I’ve no doubt some have multisite working and working well but unfortunately there do seem to be a number of multisite issues with it at the moment. This is being done to AWS hosting so perhaps it’s not so problematic when used elsewhere. It’s a shame (for me and for this current project) because overall it seems a fantastic tool and I do applaud the efforts made in developing it.

(github link incomplete as the comment system seemed to think I was trying to post 4 links as s new user)

Letting off “a bit of steam” to a group of volunteers that create open source projects isn’t a nice thing to do. Instead of pointing fingers, why aren’t you debugging your issues and contributing back (documentation, code, actual helpful information after you’ve done some debugging)? Saying that you’ve been battling issues for a couple of weeks without talking about specifics helps no one. Also a couple of weeks spent on what seems like very minor issues is a long amount of time — you would probably have been better off just hiring someone from the Roots team to help you get multisite setup within an hour.

The largest Trellis multisite network that I know of uses AWS.

Doing some actual debugging instead of wondering would be helpful.

OK OK, look, Ben, my second comment was meant as way of apology (and of suggested explanation, not excusing, that I had perhaps lazily been “blowing off steam”) for my initial comment not being particularly constructive which I am sorry about. It’s a shame it just seems to have annoyed or upset you further. I really didn’t intend to be disparaging.

Noted, I shall remember not to post any comment in future without first doing some debugging (though I’m not sure I will have anything I can add to the existing outstanding multisite related bugs, I’m a beginner to Trellis). When I’m back at the dev machine for this project I’ll see about doing just that in order to be more contributory.

Naturally I’m not suggesting I’ve been non-stop working on it for a couple of weeks (it’s a few sessions which first began a few weeks back), but thank you for your concern that I might have been spending a long amount of time on what you diagnose as very minor issues. Bringing somebody in to do it however would defeat the point of my getting to grips with it as a tool.

Excellent, I’m pleased that the largest network you know is on AWS, lovely. I suggested that with intention of perhaps excusing rather than disparaging Trellis.

I’ll remember not to wonder out loud here without first debugging in future.

One point in my initial post I do feel is perfectly fair though, “fit for purpose for me at the moment” referring to my purpose on this project of very rapidly provisioning and launching a multisite and I do believe that the learning curve for EasyEngine is much less steep (naturally, it does less and does it less comprehensively). So for a scenario like that I do think it would be useful to be able to somehow make use of Bedrock with EasyEngine and if anybody’s done that it’d be useful to hear about their experience… though that could be taken as my fishing for answers without instead just being useful by going off and doing it myself and debugging and contributing back so never mind.

None of the plugins on sale are of particular use to me at the moment but do point me in the direction of any donate link as I’d be more than happy to contribute to buy you a pint or something as way of thanks for the sterling efforts with both Trellis & Bedrock, because I said in my earlier post I do think that overall it’s fantastic stuff and applaud the efforts made.