Edit an Archive page within WordPress backend

Hello all,

I have started a new build within the latest version of sage, I am also using CMB2 Metabpxes and Custom Post Types https://generatewp.com/post-type/.

The issue I am having is that once i have created my custom post type ‘Dining’ and sage templates single-dining.php and archive-dining.php I am unable to add any CMB2 metaboxes to the archive page.

This archive page needs to be in the style of a standard page with a template assigned to it so that the user can change content/images in the future.

Could anyone please help me with this issue or does anyone know of a way to set the archive-dining.php page to mirror everything i put on a standard ‘dining’ page?

In the past I have not created an archive template to get round this issue, and instead created a page, page template and added a loop to display all single items on that template.

The reason that I want to make an archive page is so it can be edited or at least mirror a standard page is because I would much rather have ‘domain.com/dining/dining-room-page’ instead of ‘domain.com/dining-all/dining-room-page

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys.

This is a WordPress question, unrelated to Sage.