Editing the {! App::title() !} function

Blade seems to pull in the page title using {!! App::title() !!}, but I’m having trouble Googling for a guide to modifying this. The words “App” and “title” are just too common.

On my archive pages, rather than “Taxonomy: Some Term Name,” I want to render “Some Term Name,” and without understanding how Blade is getting the title info I can’t customize it.

Thanks for any help!

It’s defined in the App controller in app\controllers\app.php.

When you see something in a blade that looks like Name::function() there’s a good change you can find function() defined in app\controller\name.php.

Ug. yes I just found it with a brute-force project-wide search for “title.” =)

So now l’ve learned a bit more about Blade namespacing. :wink: