Empty bud error overlay preventing pointer events

After updating to Sage/Bud 6.3.3 my local development has a strange empty error overlay div which prevents the page links from being clickable / text selection etc.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 10.30.57

Any help appreciated, thanks


I can’t figure out why this is appearing, and it’s really annoying. Any insight would be great. Thanks

I have the same issue. I think a bug was introduced in 6.3.3. If you downgrade bud to 6.3.2 you can work around it for now, which is what I did.

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Thanks, I can confirm that downgrading to 6.3.2 has removed the overlay bug :+1:

Reported as a bug here: [bug] bud-error overlay obscures part of the window when inactive · Issue #1597 · roots/bud · GitHub
Fix: 🩹 fix(patch): conditionally add/remove bud-error by kellymears · Pull Request #1603 · roots/bud · GitHub

This will be fixed in 6.3.4.