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Empty id="app" on Staging and Production. No Errors on Development. (Sage + Trellis)


So the issue is back. I’m having problem with latest Sage.
I’m using Trellis > Bedrock > Sage 10 (lastest master).

I did a setup: Staging > AWS; Production: DigitalOcean.

I had earlier problem with Soil plugin, now I’m getting it again on blog post single page. 0 Errors, Logs are empty (Both, site and nginx), just

and nothing inside.

On my local env everything is working perfect, 0 errors.

How I can try get what can cause the issue ? And why it’s fine on Dev if all 3 envs should be the same?

I was trying to debug by ssh, but even with cache=false it’s caching and refreshing require a long wait so it’s nightmare…

Anyone can help please?

  1. Have you ran the ansible-playbook on that server, completely and successfully?
  2. Have you then deployed the site?
  3. Can you redeploy the site successfully - or are there any errors during deployment?
  4. Have you transferred the site database + uploads/ files to the server?