I’m having some issues getting SSL (with LE) running on my staging droplet. Chrome keeps throwing a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. I can access the site with SSL turned off but obviously that’s not ideal.

I can also access my local vagrant site with SSL without a problem.

After doing some reading I wondered if restarting nginx would fix it but after logging into the droplet with SSH I need to authenticate with a password to perform that command and I have no idea where that password is generated. Is it a Trellis thing?

Just for anyone else checking out this with the same problem, I ended up destroying the original Digital Ocean droplet, spinning up a new one, changing the hosts settings in hosts/staging to the IP address of the new droplet and updating the A record with Digital Ocean and then provisioning and deploying as normal. All works.

It seems as if changing from http to https or the other way round creates issues that can be tricky to rectify. Considering how easy it is to deploy a new Trellis install sometimes it’s easier to do that instead of spending time trying to figure out why it’s not working as it should.

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Ideally Trellis can support changes like this, but I do agree that it’s generally a good thing to treat your servers as disposable and quickly create new ones.

In fact every time we update Trellis for the site, we just create a new server entirely.

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