Error 404 when I try to create a single Custom Post with ACF


I have create a ACF Custom Post and fields I i search to customize the single-nameofthepost.blade.php.
I have duplicate single.blade.php and juste rename with the name of my posts (exemple di_offer -> single-di_offer.blade.php) but when i refresh to see the result (without try to put other code) the sage9 redirect to the 404 page.

How realize a custom post type view with sage9 ?


…I try with a ID page (ex. page-27.balde.php) and this is ok but not to a custom post type…
The wrapper.php & extras.php are not necessary with the v9.

This shouldn’t be related to anything in Sage.

Is di_offer the name of your post type? Have you flushed permalinks? If di_offer is your CPT then single-di_offer.blade.php will work.