Error after Yarn run build


Hi all i am getting a error when i run yarn run build

2:7 × Expected single space before “{” block-opening-brace-space-before

Error: Failed because of a stylelint error.


So add a space before “{” in resources/assets/styles/common/_global.scss on Line 2.

Hope this helps!


It would be great if you could check + open an issue on


This actually seems more like an issue understanding stylelint than an actual Sage problem. I can relate. Recently I decided to “quickly” update a Sage 9 theme to the lastest Github version and ended up spending 3 hours re-doing the spacing in my stylesheets.

Worth it! But tedious.

stylelint resources/assets/styles/**/*.scss --fix


does it go in the .styelintrc file?



Where does this line go?


It’s a command to run in your theme root.


For anyone reading this later, you have to install stylelint globally before running that command.