Error from connectio/tasks/main.yml when deploying

Getting my m1 macbook up and running.

When I attempt to deploy to either staging or production, I get this error:

The conditional check 'not (not ansible_ssh_extra_args)' failed. The error
was: error while evaluating conditional (not (not ansible_ssh_extra_args)):
'ansible_ssh_extra_args' is undefined

This error is coming from roles/connection/tasks/main.yml

The error goes on to say it is from line 9 column 3:

The offending line appears to be:
- name: Specify preferred HostKeyAlgorithms for unknown hosts

I am running Python 3.7 and Ansible 2.9.8, which was the setup I was using on my prior machine.
However, when I run the command Trellis Deploy, I see this prompt:

You Ansible version is 2.10.17 but this version of Trellis has only
been tested for compatibility with Ansible 2.8.0 -> 2.9.6. It is advisable to
check for Trellis updates or downgrade your Ansible version.

First, I don’t know how Trellis is using Ansible v2.10.17. Maybe it is installed after running Trellis Init?

Second, I am not sure that this is a Ansible version issue. I noticed I cannot SSH into or provision the remote server either. I get a permission denied public key error. What is odd is that our /group_vars/all/users.yml is set up to use our github public keys for both web users and admin users.

Any idea what the issue could be here?