Error on Dev Variables

I edited group_vars/development and mistakenly put structuralbuildings…dev and ran vagrant up.

When I try to load, it is redirecting to the structuralbuildings…dev

After making the change to correct the error in the group_vars file and also a search and replace on the database, I destroyed the vagrant box and did vagrant up again but it must be saving somewhere else because it is still redirecting.

Any ideas to fix this other than deleting everything and starting from scratch?

Pretty sure the problem is your web browser caching the redirect. Try an incognito window and I bet it works as it should. Destroying the vagrant box is starting from scratch so nothing would persist from that.

Might also need to clear cache in your browser. I was having a similar issue with a staging server and an incognito window didn’t help, had to clear all cache

Clearing cache in safari didn’t work so I downloaded Firefox - didn’t even have it on my machine. Resulted in the exact same error.

Something is definitely wonky - I am wondering if it has something to do with the vagrant-hostsupdater plugin. Is the ‘wp_siteurl’ variable used to update a host file? Any way to clear that out and reset those variables? I don’t see the hostname or URL in my /etc/hosts on OS X, so I am assuming the hostsupdater plugin updates on the vagrant box somehow and that is persisting?

hostsupdater will (or should) remove hosts when you destroy from /etc/hosts. If you don’t see them in that file then they definitely don’t exist.

Not really sure what else could be going on.

Did you do vagrant destroy && vagrant up ?

I did - couldn’t figure it out so I started from scratch…Good thing for scripts :wink: