Error provisioning local server - 'data could not be sent to remote host ""'


I am currently setting up the local development environment with vagrant and I am having an issue provisioning it.

When I spin up the local server(‘vagrant up’) , the script freezes at ssh into the server. I restarted it and it’s all green. The problem is that the server is never properly provisioned even though the script finishes.

So I manually try to provision it with ‘vagrant provision’ and it it fails with this error:
“SSH Error: data could not be sent to remote host “”. Make sure this
host can be reached over ssh”

Any ideas?

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This is more of a Vagrant issue than Trellis unfortunately. Sometimes Vagrant + SSH just doesn’t play nice for certain people. I’d try searching these forums or Google for general Vagrant SSH issues.

‘It doesn’t work nice for certain people’?? I have no idea to respond to that as you did not add to the discussion.

Search Google and this forum. Tons of resources for this issue — you haven’t said what you have tried so far.