Error starting Vagrant: wordpress_sites.yml not found

After getting trellis, bedrock, with soil cloned into place and setup. Ran into vagrant up issue with trellis.
Throwing the follow error, checked the file contents and everythings is in place. I double checked my configs everything is as it should be, step for step from tutorial.

Any ideas or suggestions? I appreciate the help in advance.

Throwing error:
trellis/group_vars/development/wordpress_sites.yml was not found. Please set ANSIBLE_PATH in your Vagrantfile.

File that vagrant says is missing.

What does your folder structure look like (at the root level)? Our recommendation is to follow

The structure that directed your your walkthrough guides.
----- trellis/
----- site/

Is your Vagrantfile still in the trellis directory? If so, you should have the default ANSIBLE_PATH = __dir__ which resolves to an absolute path (a relative path may fail). The error message you pasted has a relative path however, so I wonder if you’ve edited ANSIBLE_PATH, or maybe you just edited the message before pasting in this thread.

Did you move your Vagrantfile up to the ecal project root? If so, you’ll need to edit ANSIBLE_PATH to be this

ANSIBLE_PATH = File.join(__dir__, 'trellis')

Good evening Fullyint,

The Vagrantfile is still in the trellis directory, just cloned everything into place and followed the instructions on the trellis guide.

Thank you for the input.

Attached you will you see the structure and file placement.

Ok, I’ll take that to mean that you also still have the default ANSIBLE_PATH = __dir__. I’m puzzled why for you that appears to be resolving to a relative path instead of an absolute path. I suppose you could see if this makes it work:

ANSIBLE_PATH = '/Users/DJ/Desktop/projects/ecal/trellis'

If in fact you don’t have literally ANSIBLE_PATH = __dir__ you could change it back to that default.

never changed the default settings when cloning the trellis repo.
Vagrantfile contains:
```ANSIBLE_PATH = ‘trellis’ # absolute path to Ansible directory````

:white_check_mark: Changed to your @fullyint suggestion: (which has it successfully working. Thank you)
ANSIBLE_PATH = __dir__
I find it odd why I had to modify the file for it work.

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I’m not sure what repo you cloned that has ANSIBLE_PATH = 'trellis' because it is ANSIBLE_PATH = __dir__ in the Trellis repo and in the example project repo.

I found the causing of the problem… was working on automating my local deployment.

Found this topic which linked to this bash script.
I took this older script, modernized and brought it unto date here.