ERROR! the role 'swapfile' was not found

I just grabbed the latest Trellis from the repo. Deployed successfully but now getting the above error!

The reason was that I had provisioned the server, then updated the version of Trellis, replacing all but the group_vars, hosts and .vault_pass.

Then hadn’t run ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml to replace what I had moved to a backup location.


Then I had to grant sudo NOPASSWD to , admin use as it seems the the original provisioning disabled that for the root user, which I think can be (unwisely) disabled in the Trellis config.

Followed this answer for quick easy approach (as opposed to using /etc/sudoers.d file):

I getting the same error with a fresh clone of the repo. It appears the role ‘swapfile’ does not exist. Does this get generated somehow? I’m trying to do a remote setup following the trellis instructions on that subject.

Run the following command in your Trellis directory:

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml

Oops i see it in the docs now …

Thanks for the help!

I am experiencing the same error today. When running ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml I get:

[WARNING]: - swapfile was NOT installed successfully: - sorry, tersmitten.swapfile was not found on

Has swapfile been removed from Ansilble Galaxy?

I’ve encountered exactly the same problem and it does look like the repository has been removed.

Is there any solution to this? Another role which would fulfil the requirements here perhaps?

Managed to make things work with Oefenweb.swapfile v2.0.7.



With Oefenweb.swapfile it works, thanks!

In trellis/requirements.yml:

- name: swapfile 
  src: oefenweb.swapfile 
  version: v2.0.7

In trellis/server.yml:

- { role: swapfile, swapfile_size: 1GB, tags: [swapfile] }

@silumesii @flocca You are both amazing as I am very dumb, new to trellis and would have never figured this out! Thank you :pray:t3:

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So the file in Trellis upstream isn’t named requirements.yml, but galaxy.yml.
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