Error when trying to encrypt the vault


While trying to run:

ansible-vault encrypt group_vars/all/vault.yml group_vars/development/vault.yml group_vars/staging/vault.yml group_vars/production/vault.yml

I get this error:

ERROR! Unexpected Exception: 'EntryPoint' object has no attribute 'resolve'
to see the full traceback, use -vvv

Anyone came across this message or have an idea ?


I’m going to take a guess that you’re doing this from a Mac running El Capitan.

Check out this reply. Apparently an out of date version of Python-crypto and/or setuptools can cause this. I had the same problem.


Correct !

Thank you for pointing to this resource, I will try it.

No success so far… Also my issue is not exactly the same apparently. Still investigating…

I don’t know if you’ve ever solved this problem, but I finally got it working on OSX for me.

You’ll need to install python3 then try setting up a virtualenv:

virtualenv my_py3 --python=/usr/bin/local/python3
source my_py3/bin/activate # to activate the python3 environment

Make sure when you run pip freeze there are no packages listed and after that you should be able to just install ansible:

pip install ansible

And hopefully it should work