Exposing a local Trellis / Vagrant Environment for Webhook Testing

There are a few previous topics here which touch on this topic, yet the information seems outdated:

Does anyone have any current advice for how I can expose my local WordPress websites to the internet?

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I haven’t played with it myself yet, but vagrant share seems promising.


Hello, @richvida! I’m looking for a current solution to this issue as well. Where you able to find a solution?

I’m experimenting with HTTP Sharing with Vagrant Share but don’t have it working quite yet.

Has anyone successfully worked vagrant share from within a Trellis/Sage setup?
It gives me the green light saying that it has been deployed, eg:

Creating Vagrant Share session...
==> default: HTTP URL: http://304c8a70.ngrok.io

However, I get the following error: getsockopt: connection refused

May not be on Trellis/Sage’s side but interested to hear if anyone has a fluid, working ngrok-enabled setup.