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Fails in "Copy project templates"

Hello, I’m trying to configure Trellis on my WLS (Windows 10). Everything seems to works fine until the script reaches the “Copy project templates” task where fails with this message

failed: [ (item={u'dest': u'.env', u'src': u'roles/deploy/templates/env.j2', u'name': u'.env config'}) => {
    "ansible_loop_var": "item",
    "changed": false,
    "item": {
        "dest": ".env",
        "name": ".env config",
        "src": "roles/deploy/templates/env.j2"
    "msg": "AnsibleError: template error while templating string: no filter named 'to_env'. String: {{ site_env | to_env }}\r\n"

Any suggestions?