Finding blade-template from cache-generated abcd1234.blade.php-file

I have taken over a bigger code base.
There is a blade-file named like this: 69bb4e8a592f7a2837d86a968566b4ae1e2f4707.blade.php

There is an error in that file, that throws a warning. But I’m unable to figure out which .blade.php-file that 69bb4e...-file is generated from. The code from that file is pretty generic, so there are no ID nor class-name that I can search for, without finding 20+ files.

Question: How do I figure out, which template.blade.php-file a cache-generated file is made from?

Further details about the error

The error I get is this:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/app/uploads/cache/6982a4d13f29615f300791313a7aebb995b179f0.php on line 27

Here are the lines that throws the error, starting on line 25!! This is relevant since there is no foreach-statement on line 27, but on line 25, which also confuses me:

  <?php $__currentLoopData = $data->list; $__env->addLoop($__currentLoopData); foreach($__currentLoopData as $list): $__env->incrementLoopIndices(); $loop = $__env->getLastLoop(); ?>

  <?php if(App\isset_with_value($list, 'headline')): ?>
  <?php if ($__env->exists('html-components.headline', [
  'tag' => 'h2',
  'text' => $list->headline,
  ])) echo $__env->make('html-components.headline', [
  'tag' => 'h2',
  'text' => $list->headline,
  ], array_except(get_defined_vars(), array('__data', '__path')))->render(); ?>
  <?php endif; ?>

Sage 9’s compiled Blade files unfortunately aren’t very helpful in trying to find out the source file path :frowning:

Sage 10’s version of Blade via Acorn is newer, and provides the source path at the top of the compiled file

To help debug this in Sage 9, could you throw something unique in each partial so you can figure out where it’s coming from?

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