First yarn command - websocket hang up

New sage user. I keep getting the following error when attempting to run the first Yarn command.

"There appears to be trouble with your network connection. Retrying…
error An unexpected error occurred: “ socket hang up”

On previous attempts yarn hanged repeatedly while loading bootstrap4.1.0.

-updated node/npm, yarn.

  • yarn --network-timeout 1000000 (the most prolific suggestion I’ve found online)
  • restart,etc.
  • multiple attempts. no joy

Can’t seem to get anything to work. Do I have to use yarn at this phase to load dependencies? Can I just use npm? and then run start/build with yarn?

Thanks in advance

You can use npm instead of Yarn, but you’ll probably have the same issue no matter what client you’re running since it seems like you’re having network/firewall issues