Font Awesome Not Displaying in any browser other than Chrome

Wondering if there could be any conflicts with font-awesome, as recently I’m seeing Font-Awesome icons from all plugins that use it just displaying as black grey boxes. I’ve tried disabling other plugins etc, nothing seems to help. Anyone else had this problem?

It seems to work on some webkit browsers like Chrome and Safari, but nothing else.

Non-webkit browsers are rendering Font Awesome icons correctly for me.

Did you check your console to be sure the paths are set correctly? Do you have the Adblock extension running in your non-Chrome browsers?

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. The webkit thing may be incidental as I don’t really use adblock outside of chrome. What I’ve found so far as that 2 plugins that I’m running both use Font Awesome to do their icons, each plugin works fine on it’s own but both break when the other is enabled; they seem to be running the same version of FA as far as I can tell (4.0.3), but one of them may be modified.

Could I link them both to the same FA files maybe? Or is there another work around?

You could try removing the plugins’ stylesheets through wp_deregister_style().

Thanks mikespainhower for the replies. In the end this turned out to be a server issue, specifically with my localhost server and everything works fine live. So please ignore this as a Roots question.